If you have read my blogs posts and seen my game galleries you know I am not into the console game scene. I prefer the personal computer for my gaming addiction. I think PCs offer more versatility, more flexibility and more upgradeability for your hard-earned dollar.

However, after playing with the Nintendo Wii a few days, I must give credit where credit is due. The Wii, with its innovative controller system, is a lot of fun to play. I could actually see why you might want to have one in your home even if your primary platform is the PC.

Gallery guru Bill Detwiler purchased the Wii so he could dismantle it and show you the guts of this console in a gallery or three. Fortunately for the game-playing geeks in the building he was able to put it back together with only minor expletives being uttered. And the office has been playing off and on ever since. The controller works best when you are out of your chair and moving, which means players have to engage and interact with the game with more muscles and more brain-power. Talk about immersion. While PC games strive to bring you super-realistic images, the Wii brings you glorified stick figures. But the strange thing is — it doesn’t matter because you are up and engaged and breaking a sweat while you try to win match point in Tennis.

I give kudos to the Nintendo Wii — it proves that fun games can trump cutting-edge graphics. Of course, don’t look for me to give up the Alienware just yet.