IBM and Sun dealPC World reports that IBM and Sun Microsystems have scheduled what appears to be a big announcement concerning their OS technologies. There are rumors that finally IBM may be planning to support Solaris on its System X and BladeCenter systems.

A quote from the article:

Sun has only one operating system technology: Solaris. The company has been trying to promote Solaris as an open alternative to Linux, whose popularity severely cut into Sun’s bottom line in the early part of this decade. But Sun has so far failed to rally much support from rival server vendors like IBM, Hewlett-Packard Co. or Dell Inc.

Here’s another article from Register that churns out (though exaggerated) what may be in store at the conference. The deal could be a big boost for Sun, with Solaris being considered as one of the more reliable UNIX variants around. Unitl the news of the actual conference breaks in, here’s an article by Paul Murphy as to why Solaris may become the fastest growing UNIX variant.