IBM announces new Bluemix tools to accelerate cloud app development

IBM recently made its Bluemix Continuous Delivery product available on Bluemix Dedicated private cloud and upgraded some of its integrated services.

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On Tuesday, IBM announced that it was making its Bluemix Continuous Delivery generally available on the Bluemix Dedicated virtual private cloud, and that it was adding more integrated toolchains to make it faster and easier for developers to build apps in the cloud.

Bluemix Continuous Delivery became generally available on Bluemix Public on November 18, 2016. However, the addition of Bluemix Dedicated adds another option for companies and development teams that may not be completely sold on the idea of public cloud.

For those unfamiliar, Continuous Delivery is a DevOps hub that allows users to automate builds, run unit tests, and more. It relies on bundled toolchains that add additional management capabilities, and it also offers insights into security, quality, and build status, according to the website.

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In addition to offering Continuous Delivery on Bluemix Dedicated, IBM also announced new toolchain templates that can help developers and operations more effectively build out toolchains for microservices, containers, or cloud-native apps, the release said. It also includes improved integrations with GitHub, Slack, PagerDuty, and Sauce Labs.

"Millions of developers use GitHub to build personal projects, support their businesses, and work together on open source technologies," Todd Berman, vice president of engineering for GitHub, said in the press release. "GitHub is a powerful addition to IBM's Bluemix Continuous Delivery service that builds on our strategic partnership to dramatically advance the development of next generation cloud applications for enterprise customers."

The goal of these new templates is to broaden the number of DevOps tasks and processes that can be automated, with the hopes that it will save developers time without having to recreate toolchains for each new project, the release said.

Additionally, Bluemix Continuous Delivery also leverages IBM's new Availability Monitoring service, which runs simulated user tests to look for problems that may exist in an app or API, which can then be fed to developers through toolchains. This is to "help ensure applications are available and meeting user expectations as developers roll out updates," the release stated.

If effective, IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery could help solve the problem of quickly and efficiently deploying applications--a problem that IBM's Dave Lindquist said, in the press release, is "one of the biggest challenges developers face in today's cloud-led world."

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery is now available on Bluemix Dedicated private cloud, along with new toolchain templates.
  2. Developers can use the toolchain templates to save time on DevOps projects without having to keep recreating certain templates.
  3. Overall, Bluemix Continuous Delivery's main goal is to increase the speed and efficiency of continuously releasing new apps so companies can stay competitive.

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