IBM has expanded its Consolidation Discovery and Analysis Tool (CDAT) for the  evaluation of smaller server environments.

An excerpt from TechWorld:

“Virtualisation and server consolidation are fueling tremendous growth in technology investments,” said Tony Madden, senior VP and general manager of IBM integrator Avnet Technology Solutions.
IBM’s Consolidation Discovery and Analysis Tool and Server Consolidation Factory provide our partners with a way to simplify the proposal process and complement our extensive solutions portfolio, training, programs and services.”

Server consolidation and virtualization are two ways that organizations can save money on their technology investments.

Additional features included in IBM’s CDAT are:

  • Server Consolidation Made Simple tool set: A tool set that allows IBM’s business partners to evaluate environments of less than 50 servers
  • Server Consolidation Factory: Customized server consolidation proposals for business partners without dedicated teams for developing solutions

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