There is speculation that IBM may move DB2, its flagship database server, to an open source model. IBM already provides a free version of its popular database software, making money on it the same way that MySQL does, through support contracts. IBM has not actually announced an intention to open source DB2, and other analysts believe that Big Blue will keep the source closed to continue to appeal to enterprises concerned about Intellectual Property rights.

IBM to Open-Source DB2? (

Bringing Clarity to Open Source DB2 (ZDNet)

In more disturbing news, Microsoft is getting ready to cosponsor a project to measure what open source software is used where.

Redmond said Monday it will cosponsor the Open Source Census (OSC), a project aimed at getting a handle on who uses which open source software (OSS). Statements on the group’s site describe the OSC as “a global, collaborative project to collect and share quantitative data on the use of open source software in the enterprise.”

Of course, this project will look ominous to many in the open source community as Microsoft is viewed unfavorably there and has a history of putting technology companies out of business when they bring their mammoth resources to bear. However, the open source movement is not a company and is made up of people who have such a strong bias against Microsoft that it is highly unlikely that the Redmond-based giant will be able to convert those people to its products anytime soon.

Microsoft Co-sponsoring Open Source ‘Census’ (Internet News)

My part of the open source census is going to be pretty boring. Although my organization does use some open source solutions, we use mostly proven technologies with a company that we can depend on for support. The unfortunate part about some open source software is that there is not a “single throat to choke” if the software does not perform like it is supposed to. How much open source software will you report when the census workers come to your organization?