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IBM on Monday will roll-out a revamped server lineup that revolves around Intel’s latest server chips.

Intel’s Xeon 5550 chips, formerly known as Nehalem, will give IBM’s servers a performance boost. IBM calls the System x retooling its “most comprehensive upgrade to its family of x86 products.”

In a nutshell, IBM’s latest systems can handle 3.5-times more bandwidth and 2.25-times better performance for enterprise computing. IBM added that it designed its servers cut power costs and operate in a virtualized cloud data center. To that end, IBM also updated its management software.

Here’s a look at IBM’s server lineup. All of them have Intel Xeon processors with speeds running from 2 GHz to 2.93 GHz with the power draw ranging from 60 watts to 95 watts.:

  • System x3550 M2 and x3650 M2: These rack servers are redesigned with voltage regulators and a new thermal design to cut energy loss.
  • BladeCenter HS22: This blade server has a memory capacity up to 96GB and can process twice as many transactions as its prior version.
  • Figure B
    System x iDataPlex dx360 M2: This blade server is more dense than its predecessor and designed for tight spaces. 

In addition, IBM rolled out tools to go with its servers including IBM Systems Director 6.1 to manage virtual resources, new firmware and diagnostics modules.