IBM Security Report: Why biometric security is going mainstream

According to a recent survey, 7% of respondents said they are comfortable using biometric authentication today, and 87% say they'll be comfortable with it in the future.

IBM Security Report: Why biometric security is going mainstream

People are now preferring security on their devices over convenience, according to a recent study by IBM Security. One way people are upping their security is through biometrics. TechRepublic met with IBM Security's Limor Kessem to discuss why biometric security is becoming a new trend.

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"In biometric security, it actually seems to tie with how people use technology," Kessem said. "Obviously, with the rise of smartphones coming into our lives and becoming one of those omnipresent personal devices, the minute those started getting biometric readers, even just fingerprint readers, they have made biometrics come into everybody's life in a very convenient and simplistic way."

Some 44% of respondents to an IBM Security report saw fingerprint authentication as one of the most secure biometrics, likely because they are familiar with it and comfortable using it, she said.

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