IBM targets public cloud, containers, machine learning with new data center offerings

IBM has unveiled a host of new data center solutions that lower data capacity costs, simplify cloud migration, and help integrate machine learning.

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IBM unveiled a host of data center innovations on Wednesday aimed at boosting public cloud efforts, enabling integration with popular container platforms, and accelerating the use of machine learning, the company announced in a press release.

On the storage side of things, IBM announced its new ultra-dense FlashSystem array, which allows users to store more data in the same space, and could cut data capacity costs by almost 60%, the release said. The array can be used with the IBM FlashSystem 900.

The FlashSystem 900 is also getting a consolidated user interface, the release said, bringing more operating information into a single dashboard.

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Data migration to the cloud and disaster recovery in the cloud can be simplified with a new IBM software called Spectrum Virtualize. This can also be used in conjunction with Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud, to "support mirroring between on-premises and cloud data centers or between cloud data centers," its website said.

For storage admins interested in the private cloud, IBM Spectrum Access is a new platform that will make it much easier to deploy a private cloud solution quickly and efficiently, the release noted.

Another new software offering from IBM allows for the use of IBM and non-IBM storage within container environments from Docker or Kubernetes. Additional SKLM support and an enhanced GUI will also be available as part of the integration.

Companies that want to be on the cutting edge can sign up for IBM's cloud-based software beta program. The program will integrate IBM storage products with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools for organizations to better understand storage health, performance, and capacity, the release said.

IBM also announced consumption-based pricing for hybrid cloud environments that will make it simpler for admins to buy storage as an operating expense.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. IBM has announced a host of storage and software updates that will help users leverage the power of public cloud, machine learning, and container technologies.
  2. IBM's new FlashSystem array can help cut data capacity costs by almost 60%, according to IBM's press release.
  3. IBM is also smoothing the transition to public cloud with Spectrum Virtualize, while making private cloud easier to deploy with its Spectrum Access platform.

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