Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • IBM launched IBM Watson Data Kits, designed to speed the development of AI applications in the enterprise.
  • Enterprise AI apps created with IBM Watson Data Kits have the potential to aid in faster, more informed decision making for business leaders.

On Tuesday, IBM launched IBM Watson Data Kits, designed to speed the development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in the enterprise. These apps have the potential to aid in faster, more informed decision making for business leaders, according to a press release.

“Watson Data Kits will provide companies across industries with pre-enriched, machine readable, industry-specific data that can enable them to scale AI across their business,” the release said.

In Q2, Watson Data Kits will become available for the travel, transportation, and food industries, with kits for travel points of interest and food menus. Kits tailored for additional industries are also expected in the coming months, the release noted.

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More than half of data scientists said they spend most of their time on janitorial tasks, such as cleaning and organizing data, labeling data, and collecting data sets, according to a CrowdFlower report, making it difficult for business leaders to implement AI technology at scale. Streamlining and accelerating the development process for AI engineers and data scientists will help companies more quickly gain insights from their data, and drive greater business value, according to IBM.

“Big data is fueling the cognitive era. However, businesses need the right data to truly drive innovation,” Kristen Lauria, general manager of Watson media and content, said in the release. “IBM Watson Data Kits can help bridge that gap by providing the machine-readable, pre-trained data companies require to accelerate AI development and lead to a faster time to insight and value. Data is hard, but Watson can make it easier for stakeholders at every level, from CIOs to data scientists.”

The Watson Data Kit for travel points of interest will offer airlines, hotels, and online travel agencies with more than 300,000 points of interest in 100 categories, to create better experiences for travelers, according to the release. Companies in the travel and transportation industry can use the kits to build AI-powered web and mobile apps to help users find information on points of interest in a given area. For example, the release noted, a hospitality company could use the data kit to train AI powering its chatbot to recommend personalized destinations based on a customer’s individual preferences.

Meanwhile, the Watson Data Kit for food menus includes 700,000 menus in 21,000 US cities, according to the release. This will offer AI developers content for apps that can help users filter menu items, types of food, locations, and price points. The kit allows developers to build in side-by-side comparisons of menu choices and prices. For example, the release noted, the kit could be integrated into a car’s navigation system to provide voice-activated directions to the closest bakery that sells gluten-free muffins.