An effective backup software package can be a key component in your organization’s disaster recovery solution, but choosing the right package requires some careful evaluation. The Enterprise Backup Software Pack consists of three tools that will help you determine what capabilities you need and assess which vendors offer the products and services that will address those needs. The pack consists of a Gap Analysis Tool, a Vendor Selection Checklist, and a Vendor Reference Questionnaire.

A look at the tools
The Gap Analysis Tool allows you to identify any gaps in your current solution. By comparing your present capabilities with those offered by backup software packages, you can pinpoint where those gaps may exist. This tool lists solution requirements, such as the ability to schedule automated backups, to create multiple backup sets to facilitate offsite recovery, and to scale effectively as your organization grows. The tool also generates a gap report identifying areas where your current solution may fall short and provides an explanation of the benefits the solution might offer.

The Vendor Selection Checklist will help you identify which features of backup software are important to you and lets you rate how well particular vendors meet your criteria. Based on your responses, it generates an overall score for each vendor you’re considering.

The Vendor Reference Questionnaire provides both standard and solution-specific questions you can ask your references to find out how well the product has served their needs and how well the vendor delivered on its promises. The tool collects the answers you obtain from as many as six references and presents them on a comparison sheet for a side-by-side look.

Selecting the right backup software product requires you to consider a number of factors—from reporting functionality to management features to support for various media, devices, and platforms. The Enterprise Backup Software Pack can help you collect, organize, and evaluate the data you need to make an optimum purchase decision for your organization.