Internet Explorer 7 will be made available to all users on the Windows platform — even if it is pirated, according to Microsoft. The installation will no longer require that a system is first validated through Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA).

Program manager Steve Reynolds, told eWEEK:

Microsoft takes its commitment to help protect the entire Windows ecosystem seriously, and we’re taking a step to help make consumers safer online. We feel the security enhancements to Internet Explorer 7 are significant enough that it should be available as broadly as possible, and this means making it available to all users of IE 7-compatible Windows operating systems.

The company explained that this move stems from the fact that a single user not using the security enhancements provided in IE 7 is sufficient to put the entire network at risk.

The update has been available since October 4. You can download Internet Explorer from the Internet Explorer home page.

In addition, a new MSI installer that “simplifies deployment for IT administrators in enterprise,” has been included. You can find the download for the Internet Explorer 7 Administration Kit here.

Do you think Microsoft is simply trying to garner more users to its Internet Explorer browser?