Last week, I recorded a little video segment and posted it in my blog, hoping that members would let me know if they liked the video format or preferred reading my rants: “Here, kitty kitty!!”  Thanks to LukCAD and Jaqui for giving me some feedback… and as for the rest of you, I’ll give you another chance to chime in before I scratch the video idea completely.

There are a couple differences that you’ll quickly notice in this video – that is, if you viewed the previous one (once again, I provided the link above). I’m using a new web cam, so it’s a better quality picture. Plus, I’m in my new cubicle, which is in a corner with two windows. LET THERE BE LIGHT!  

Ok, so I’m asking… again. Let me know what you think of the new web cam, the new cube space, the video format vs. plain text, or anything else that happens to be on your mind. Seriously, my inquiring mind wants to know!

Click here to unzip and view the video. If you use IE, be sure to Save it when prompted.