TechRepublic started the Google in the Enterprise Blog in June 2011, and after a little over a month of existence, we can say with conviction that there is a significant amount of interest in Google Apps in the business community. The allure of cost savings, out sourced maintenance, and available anywhere cloud access, among other attributes, is very appealing to small, medium, and large businesses alike.

But there is also still a certain amount of distrust and uncertainty about security and access controls. This concern is tempering enthusiasm for cloud-computing and companies like Google are going to have to address them if they want to continue to grow customers.

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In our first poll in the Google in the Enterprise Blog (GitE), taken in June 2011, we wondered how many TechRepublic members were using Google Apps in their businesses. The results suggest some 85% are using or thinking about using Google Enterprise or Google Apps.

We are currently running a secondary poll asking a very similar question to see if the results coincide. Has your attitude toward Google Apps changed recently? What concerns do you have about Google Apps?