If you’re anything like me, age has a way of playing a nasty little trick with your memory. For example, I frequently forget the title and artist of songs I hear on the radio, even though a particular song may have been my absolute favorite a few years ago. Instead of calling my friends and family for help, or typing some of the lyrics in Google to satiate my frustrated curiosity, there’s now a Web site that will help you locate your mystery song if you sing, hum, or whistle a little bit of the tune. Check out the news story: “This Web site can name that tune.” 

According to the article, “Launching in beta mode on Friday, Midomi allows people to search for a song by singing, humming, or whistling a bit of the tune. The site then offers search results [from a catalog of more than 2 million tracks] that include commercially recorded tracks or versions of the song recorded by others who have used the site. The technology also lets people listen to the exact section of each of the results that matched their voice sample.”

My prediction is that this site is going to be a hit. However, the underlying assumption here is that the majority of people can sing, hum, or whistle a tune…  Can you imagine working customer support at Midomi and receiving complaints from customers because the site wasn’t able to identify their song? OUCH!!