One of the most interesting things about Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is that it’s not held every year. It’s only held when Microsoft feels like there’s something significant to communicate to developers. Obviously, with Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 both being released in November, there was good reason for the conference to swing into action this fall.

With PDC05 less than a month away (it’s September 13-16 in Los Angeles) lots of IT pros are starting to gear up for it. That’s true both for developers who are planning to attend as well as those that are keeping their eyes peeled for PDC05 announcements that could affect their work.

For those who are turning some of their thoughts to PDC05, check out the videos and “Buzzcasts” on Channel 9’s PDC05 page. Some of the stuff is pure humor and tongue-in-cheek coverage, but there’s also some interesting nuggets about what Microsoft is going to be covering. There’s also a long PDC05 preview (audiocast) from dotnetrocks.