Dell hopes to take a little air out of Apple’s sails with the Adamo. This upscale laptop packs a lot of tech into a stylish, ultrathin package. But, it’s going to cost you. Our $1,999 model includes a 1.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB 800MHz DDR3 dual-channel memory, 128GB solid state drive, and 13.4-inch 16:9 WLED display.

In partnership with iFixit, TechRepublic brings you a full photo gallery of the Adamo cracking open, with 78 images of the entire process. iFixit is a one-stop-shop for the parts, tools, and step-by-step guides needed to repair iPods, iPhones, Macs, and almost any Apple product. Follow along as iFixit engineers disassemble the Dell Adamo and expose the tech inside.

Regardless of their motives, I think many individuals view Dell as a value brand. They’re the company of $699 laptops and $499 desktops (monitor not included). Are consumers ready for a “luxury” product from Dell? What do you think?