TechRepublic’s friends at iFixit, a technology parts supplier, have already done a detailed disassembly of the new Palm Pre smartphone. In the process, they made several interesting observations about the new hardware.

Here are some of the notes from iFixit’s engineers:

* In general, this Palm hardware reminds us a lot more of Apple’s engineering style than any of hardware we’ve taken apart by other manufacturers (like Dell).

* The Pre logic board is substantially smaller than the iPhone logic board, which is very impressive considering how renowned Apple’s engineers are for shrinking hardware footprints.

* The Pre’s battery capacity is 1150 mAh, exactly the same as the iPhone 3G, though the Pre is reported to have slightly worse battery life due to its background process capability. The battery is user-replaceable, something the iPhone fails to offer.

* The Palm Pre is the first phone to use Texas Instrument’s new OMAP3 (Open Media Applications Processor) platform.

* The processor is a 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 + PowerVR SGX 530 GPU + 430MHz C64x + DSP + ISP (Image Signal Processor)

* The Pre is definitely not an easy phone to service. There are lots of fragile and tricky tabs that will make putting the phone back together challenging.

* We identified a liquid submersion sensor in the Pre, visible through the micro USB port.

* A prepaid plastic recycling envelope is included in the box, making it easy to recycle your newly obsolete phone.

And here’s a photo of the Palm Pre (below) fully disassembled, next to the iPhone 3G disassembled (above):

For a full gallery of the inner workings of the new Palm smartphone, see TechRepublic’s photo gallery Cracking Open the Palm Pre, published in partnership with iFixit.