As an IIS MVP with Microsoft, I thought I would begin to share some of the new features of IIS 7.0. First of all the entire code base for IIS 7.0 has been rewritten for this version and it promises to be the fastest and most secure version the IIS team has ever released.  Here are some highlights IIS 7 has to offer:

  • With IIS 7, is now integrated directly in IIS 7 and its performance has been improved.
  • Integrated Pipeline Mode in IIS 7 allows you to integrate your own code as a module in the IIS pipeline. You can develop your own IIS module with managed code and allow it to act as part of the pipeline.
  • IIS 7 ships with approximately 40 modules.
  • IIS 7 introduces a modular approach that allows you to only load the modules required for your configuration.
  • No more metabase in IIS 7 unless you are using IIS 6 compatibility. IIS 7 doesn’t use metabase, it now stores configurations in XML config files which can be edited very easily.
  • The applicationhost.config and the web.config xml files control the IIS 7 configuration.
  • A new remote management service exists that allows you to administer remote IIS 7 installations over https.
  • A new IIS manager user interface exists with IIS 7.
  • An IIS command line utility called AppCmd.exe allows you to work with IIS from the command line.

These are just some of the features I am going to show you over the next few weeks as we learn more about IIS 7 through tips and tutorials.