For some reason known only by the chaotic forces of the universe, I have recently been awash with zombie stories via tweets, emails, and even NPR radio broadcasts. I can only assume something terrible is pending, so I made sure to brush up on my zombie apocalypse protocols. Surviving the zombie apocalypse over on the Decider DC Web page is a good first source.

However, TechRepublic members being what they are, true ambassadors of everything geeky, I also think it is a good idea to tap our community knowledge in the Geekend Blog. What advice can you give for what is an apparently imminent zombie fueled civilization breakdown?

Will we need iPhones, or will an iPod Shuffle suffice? Will the Internet survive the initial zombie onslaught? How important will Twitter be to our survival? These are the kinds of questions TechRepublic members can answer that no one else can.

Dead Moon Rising Trailer

The video is from the movie Dead Moon Rising, which was filmed in Louisville. That is the second zombie movie shot in Louisville by the way — a distinction of some kind I suppose.