I just received

a friendly prod about the lack of activity in this blog. I’ve always been more

comfortable lurking on online communities as opposed to actively participation,

so regularly scheduled blogging is not likely to happen. However, I really

should be participating more since I spend an inordinate amount of time creating

content for TechRepublic anyway. Just between you and me, lurking in the

TechRepublic community has paid off in article and/or download ideas many times

in the past few years.

That fact

makes me wonder if I can get even more inspiration if I ask for ideas directly.

I have recently been asked to develop content that will help you more efficiently

use Microsoft Office. I’m secretly expanding that mission to include ideas for

improving efficiency using any office suite (Star Office, Open Office, etc.)


frustrates you in an office suite? Is there some feature you wish someone would

explain to you in depth?