When we launched the New Media Roundtable earlier this year, I told you that the IT strategists who gather around it would determine the topics we discuss here, and now you have spoken. The results of the first Roundtable Agenda Poll are in, and they have determined the topics we will cover in April, May, and June. Read on to get a preview of those topics, an overview of the priorities your peers expressed in the poll, and highlights of recent community discussions of new media topics.
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A close call, but no recounts needed at TechRepublic
The results of our first Roundtable Agenda Poll indicate that while members are interested in a wide range of new media topics, they are most focused on those directly related to the planning and implementation of new media projects. The poll asked members to rate potential Roundtable topics related to new media strategies, Web resources providing new media content for IT pros, and IT policies regarding the use of digital media. While every topic received an average interest rating of at least 2.9 on a scale from 1 to 5, the highest rated topics were all related to strategies for new media projects.

The highest average rating, 3.7, went to the topic of “Planning the implementation of an online event or on-demand media archive.” Three topics tied for second with an average rating of 3.6: “Differences between competing streaming media formats,” “Selecting a streaming media host vendor,” and “Tools used in the creation and encoding of streaming media.”

Our intent was to cover the three most popular topics over the next quarter, but because of the three-way tie for second place, we had to use a tiebreaker to fill the second and third slots. So, by counting the total number of 4 or 5 ratings received by each topic, we eliminated “Tools used in the creation and encoding of streaming media,” which means that the three topics we will drill down in April, May, and June are:

  • “Planning the implementation of an online event or on-demand media archive”
  • “Differences between competing streaming media formats”
  • “Selecting a streaming media host vendor”

But don’t worry if a topic that was at the top of your personal list didn’t make the cut. I’ll cover production and encoding tools, as well as other topics in which members expressed significant interest, in a series of mini-reports that will appear in the New Media Roundtable TechMail. And remember that only TechMail subscribers get to vote in Roundtable Agenda Polls, submit questions for Roundtable interviews, and submit their projects as potential Roundtable case studies, so sign up today.

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Roundtable discussion highlights
The New Media Roundtable is more than just a column. It’s an online forum for IT executives and managers to ask questions, share opinions, and shape the Roundtable to meet their new media information needs. Make sure you enjoy the full value the Roundtable has to offer by checking out some of the online discussions that have sprung up around recent New Media Roundtable columns.

After reading my roundup of common streaming video applications, member acalero asked about the relationship between the media formats Yahoo! uses for its Webcast content and those created by Microsoft and RealNetworks. Check out this discussion to read my answer to acalero’s question and join in the discussion yourself.

Another member, tyler, works for a company that is beginning to roll out GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) networks for several clients and asked me to include this new infrastructure technology in Roundtable coverage. Do you have any first-hand experience with GigE networks, related products, or service providers? If so, join this discussion and share your insights.

Member darryn, after reading my review of several streaming video sites, asked for help in building a definitive list of audio news sites and offered a couple of his own favorites. If you’ve got a favorite audio news site, join this discussion and let other members know about it.

And the next time you read a Roundtable column that grabs your attention, sparks a question, or raises your ire, don’t hesitate to start a discussion of your own. You always have a voice at the New Media Roundtable.

TechRepublic cofounder and Executive Contributing Editor Jeff Yocom is on a mission to help IT executives and managers leverage new media in all its forms: streaming audio, digital video, wireless—you name it. Yocom searches the virtual and real worlds for new media developments and engages TechRepublic members in illuminating discussions to keep you up to date on real-world applications of new media technologies.

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