Jay Rollins is taking a short break from writing to work on a project. While he’s away, catch up on his play-by-play account of his company’s selection and implementation of a new help desk system.


Not long after Jay Rollins wrote about the importance of mapping out the desired flow of trouble tickets for a help desk system and looking for the right features and functions in a ticketing system, he was spearheading his company’s search for new help desk software. He detailed the process of selection, implementation, and testing in a five-part series.

Help Desk Implementation Diary: Week 1. He lists his company’s requirements and his picks for two contenders for a side-by-side comparison.

Help Desk Implementation Diary: Week 2. He indicates that basic functionality checked out fine for both systems. He also details how his organization prepared to do an advanced test of both systems.

Help Desk Implementation Diary: Week 3. He states the goal was to get all of the service levels and business rules implemented in both systems. There are six mini-projects his team needs to accomplish the next week.

Help Desk Implementation Diary: Week 4. He says they reviewed some of the basic functionality of the help desk system, added a couple of other capabilities, and looked at monitoring technologies.

Help Desk Implementation Diary: Testing. He reports that, while most of the initial bumps have been smoothed out, users are reporting some issues.