Shortly after patent squabbles between Nokia and Qualcomm closed U.S. borders to CDMA phone imports from the Finnish mobile giant, more patent squabbles are banning even more wireless gear from Buffalo. This time, the patents are held by an Australian agency unlike the Qualcomm-Broadcom squabble still hanging despite Broadcom’s offer to the CDMA developer Qualcomm.

Commercial IT managers are now developing their budget plans for the new fiscal year, and government IT departments are not far behind and, with the squabbles on 3G and wireless, planning to spend on those technologies could be disappointing. The net result seems to be even more delay in rolling out next-generation cellular wireless, as a result of fewer handsets and transceivers to put in the hands of users.

Is your department planning for tighter supplies for CDMA, EV-DO, and W-CDMA cellular data? Will this result in user dismay, as they find they can’t get newer and faster mobile gear? Join the discussion.