PC support professionals understand the difficulty of keeping pace with rapid technology changes while simultaneously meeting their end-user’s needs and demands. With this special report on PC troubleshooting, you’ll find the help, advice, and answers related to several common PC problems. Use this valuable tool to meet and exceed the expectations of your entire organization.

TechRepublic’s special report on PC troubleshooting is packed with easy-to-understand explanations and tips for a variety of PC troubleshooting issues. You’ll find hands-on, how-to information on:

  • Troubleshooting the Windows Registry.
  • Using Windows 98 log files.
  • Understanding the Windows 2000 Blue Screen of Death.
  • Extending your laptop’s battery and much more.

System File Checker
This section contains a brief sample of the information found in this document’s section titled “What Windows 98 log files can tell you about the health of your OS.”

The System File Checker is a tool that compares the Windows 98 installation files with the files on your hard disk. If the tool detects a different version of a file, it can replace the file or call it to your attention. As you can imagine, if ever there was a utility in need of a log file, this is it. You can access this tool by selecting the System File Checker command from the Tools menu in the System Information application. To open the System Information application, look under Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools and click on System Information. When the System File Checker finishes examining your system and making the necessary updates, it creates a log file called Sfclog.txt in the Windows directory. You can examine a sample of the Sfclog.txt file in Figure A.

Figure A

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