Improve your understanding of hybrid cloud and multicloud strategies

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These resources will help you set a strategy now that the coronavirus pandemic has made operating in the cloud more important than ever.

Early adopters are enjoying the rewards of embracing new technologies, particularly companies that have moved their operations to the cloud.

Responding to unexpected changes in customer demand is vital for businesses operating under the new and frequently changing rules of the coronavirus pandemic. Cloud platforms are flexible and agile and offer companies more options for scaling up or down quickly. 

Cloud spending is one of the few expense categories predicted to survive budget cuts in response to the recession caused by the virus as well.

These TechRepublic Premium resources can help both late adopters of cloud technology as well as companies that need to update existing operations. There are numerous options for moving to the cloud, and having a basic understanding of the terminology and vendors will increase the odds of making the migration a success.

Quick glossary: Hybrid cloud technology

From AWS to IoT to VM, the 25 concepts defined in this glossary will help you better understand hybrid cloud technology and, more importantly, the potential benefits hybrid cloud systems can provide to your enterprise.

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Power checklist: Local email server-to-cloud migration

Cloud-based email solutions simplify administration, enhance security, provide broader ease of access, and often lower total overall operating costs. Organizations that haven't already migrated email service to the cloud are likely to begin doing so. This Power checklist can help IT staff consider a range of issues and details, while also breaking such a complex project into readily manageable bite-size chunks.

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Managing the multicloud: Companies capitalize on using multiple cloud providers

There are significant advantages to a multicloud strategy such as avoiding vendor lock-in and having the flexibility to pick and choose the best features from each provider. However, moving business applications to cloud computing is a significant hurdle that stops many companies before they start. When you add the complexity of coordinating operations across multiple cloud vendors, and managing the attack surface, the barriers get even higher. In this research report, tech pros revealed  how IT teams are getting beyond these challenges to make the multicloud strategy work.

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