There’s some good news for you fast-paced gaming junkies out there – action video games are actually good for your eyes! Check out this news story: “Study: Video games are good for eyes.”

According to the article, “A study by the University of Rochester showed that people who played action video games for a few hours a day over the course of a month improved their vision by about 20 percent. … Test subjects were given an eye test similar to the one used at regular eye clinics and then divided into two groups–one played shoot-’em-up action games for an hour a day while the control group played a less visually complex game. Their vision was tested after the study, with those who played the action game scoring better in the eye test.”  

I’ve played a few games that affected my vision after hours of rigorous viewing. They enhanced my vision so well that I could even see the graphics after I shut down the gaming console! How’s that for an improvement?