On May 10, 2010, the science-fiction art world and the world of heroic fantasy art lost a friend, Frank Frazetta. It was Frazetta who defined for an entire generation what a hero should look like. If you’ve read any of the Conan or Barsoom books or listened to Nazareth or Molly Hatchet or seen the movie posters for The Gauntlet, you’ve probably seen Frazetta’s work.

It’s common wisdom that you should never judge a book by its cover, but there’s an exception to that rule if the cover was painted by Frazetta. One of the cool things about Frazetta’s book covers is that he was, if not the first, one of the first who made his works available in his own books. I own a couple of his books, and now, part of me regrets never getting them signed.

Frazetta lived in the Poconos, which is only about an hour from where I live. Several years ago, I took my now wife on a very geek date — we went to the Frank Frazetta Museum. We had an opportunity to meet his wife, Eleanor, but he wasn’t in that day. We did, however, get a chance to see the originals of many of his best known pieces.

The reproductions that you’ve probably seen don’t do justice to Frazetta’s art. The colors and the depth of his work remind me of something from the book Dream Park. In Dream Park, there is a scene in which where the characters have an audience with God. While waiting for this audience and admiring God’s choice in furnishings, they noticed that there was an original Frazetta. It seems that God has good taste in art.

Several TechRepublic members have already commented about Frazetta’s passing. What are some of your favorites among Frazetta’s work?