In Response offers a weekly roundup of feedback from TechRepublic members to help inform you and your peers about critical issues in the world of IT. This week, we want to know your thoughts regarding the IT department also acting as the help desk of your company.
I heard this discussion the other day…
While I tend to mind my own business here at TechRepublic, it is sometimes easy to get pulled into a heated discussion regarding the world of IT. Recently, I listened in on such a discussion regarding IT department personnel being used as help desk techs. One person in the discussion was totally against the idea, while the other understood why a person in the IT department might be used for such a task.

Here are a few points that were made during this discussion in favor of the IT department acting as a help desk:

  • Point #1
    There are some businesses that can’t afford both an IT and help desk department. Because of this, the IT department must take the burden of helping the end users.
  • Point #2
    It can be tough to find qualified help desk personnel. The IT department at least knows what is going on regarding the computers and the network in which they’re connected.

On the opposing side, a few points were made in favor of the IT department keeping out of the help desk business:

  • Point #1
    The people in the IT department are very busy. They don’t have time to fix problems created by the end users. A completely different department needs to be there to handle those situations.
  • Point #2
    Generally, there are not enough people to go around in the IT department as it is. The staff that does exist is pushed to its maximum limit and can’t add another task to its already hectic schedule.

What do you think?
Of course, I had my own opinion about this topic, but I want to know what you think! Feel free to leave a post below, or send me an e-mail. Be partial, be impartial, or be both!
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