For reports based on parameter queries, it is helpful if the parameters used to generate the report are displayed in the report title. You just need to create a text box next to the report title and enter =Reports![reportname]!parametername] as the Text box’s control source.

For example, suppose you have created a report called Hours Worked for Week Ending based on the Parameter query shown in Figure A.

Figure A

To add to your title the date that’s input into the parameter query box, follow these steps:

  1. Add a text box to the end of the report title.
  2. Right-click the text box and select Properties.
  3. Click in the Control Source property and enter =Reports![Hours Worked for Week Ending]![Enter Week Ending Date] (Figure B).
  4. Format the text box to match the rest of the Report title (Figure C).

Figure B

Figure C

When the report is run, Access displays the date entered for the parameter in the text box following the report title (Figure D) . You can also place the text box displaying the report’s parameters in the report header.

Figure D

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