Giving users the option to select data from lists rather
than type it manually can help eliminate many data entry errors. But you don’t
need to create the actual lists to ensure accuracy.

After users enter an item once, Microsoft Excel
automatically includes it in a drop-down list of entries that users previously
typed in the column.

For example, to access the list of vendors previously typed
in the Vendors column of an Orders spreadsheet, follow these steps:

  1. Select
    the cell under the Vendors column for the next order.
  2. Press
    [Alt] and the down arrow.
  3. Select
    the vendor’s name from the list, and press [Enter] or [Tab] to move to the
    next cell.

If the vendor’s name is not on the list, users must type it
manually. Excel will include the name the next time someone accesses the list.

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