A new platform from job search site Indeed aims to automate the candidate screening process for hiring managers, helping them make faster decisions based on each candidate’s experience.

Indeed Assessments–created from Indeed’s acquisition of Interviewed in 2017–allows employers to screen candidates for specific skills related to open job postings, rather than relying on only a resume, with the goal of reducing bias in the hiring process, the company announced in a Monday press release.

“Resumes are not enough–they offer just one dimension of a candidate’s experience and are time consuming for hiring managers and recruiters to sift through,” Raj Mukherjee, senior vice president of product at Indeed, said in a press release. “Assessments also helps to democratize hiring by giving job seekers an equal opportunity to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs, so that they are able to find the right opportunities faster and easier.”

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The move comes as tech and other companies seek to diversify their talent pools, and draw in new candidates to fill talent gaps. However, Indeed faces competition from tech giants that are creating their own recruiting tools, as noted by our sister site ZDNet. For example, Google recently launched the recruiting app Hire for SMBs using G Suite, as well as Google for Jobs, which uses machine learning to better connect job seekers with open positions.

Hiring managers can use Indeed Assessments to screen candidates for skills related to a number of roles and industries, including technology, sales, and customer service, according to the release.

Employers can choose from more than 50 pre-built assessments, which were designed by psychologists, and include categories such as critical thinking, language, and computer skills. They can also custom build their own assessments based on their hiring needs. The assessments can be added to an employer’s Indeed job posting, or sent directly to candidates.

Assessments are now free for US employers, and can be integrated with a number of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), the release noted.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Indeed Assessments allows employers to screen candidates for specific skills related to an open job posting, with the goal of reducing bias in the hiring process.
  • Indeed faces competition in the recruiting space from tech giants including Google.