Infographic: 11 things managers should never say to employees

Managers sometimes make errors in communication and feedback without realizing it. Here's how to avoid mistakes and become a better coach.

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Managers have a direct impact on employee satisfaction, research shows . However, while many emphasize the divide between "good managers" and "great leaders," both of these terms can become one-sided in the workplace. Instead, leaders should consider adopting a "coaching style" management practice, which brings out the strengths in a team by focusing on constructive feedback, and asking questions instead of giving orders, according to a recent blog post and infographic from Headway Capital.

Businesses whose managers use coaching techniques with their employees boost worker engagement and productivity by about 12%, according to research published in the Harvard Business Review. Four out of five employees on the receiving end of such coaching report that they are working, communicating, and feeling better as well.

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Adopting a coaching management mindset means switching from making statements, to asking questions that inspire trust and spark dialogue between managers and employees, the post noted, turning moments of conflict into opportunities to learn and develop.

Here are 11 things managers should never say to their employees, and ways to reframe those statements as coaching questions:


Image: Headway Capital

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