The brand loyalty battle between Apple and Microsoft users rages on, according to the Best of Brands report from While Windows currently dominates the desktop market share (at 88%, compared to Apple’s 9%) and Android dominates the OS market share (at 72%, compared to iOS’s 28%), Apple still takes the top spot in Google searches between the two in all 50 states across the US, at 73% compared to Microsoft’s 27%, the report found.

SEE: Get more done with your iPhone: Tips and tricks for power users (free PDF) (TechRepublic) surveyed 1,000 Americans on their Apple vs. Microsoft preferences. When it comes to devices, if given a free computer, only 35% of Mac users said they would switch to a PC, while 49% said no, and 15% were undecided. Meanwhile, if PC users were given a free Mac, 53% said they would make the switch, while 32% said no, and 15% were undecided, the survey found.

When asked if iPhone and Android users would be willing to switch brands in exchange for a free mobile device, 40% of iPhone users said they would, while 44% said they would not. Meanwhile, 51% of Android users said they would switch to an iPhone if it was free, while 34% said they wouldn’t.

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