In a recent poll by TechRepublic’s sister site, Tech Pro Research, respondents seemed more concerned about run-of-the-mill security breaches than acts of cyberwarfare. Jack Wallen, who wrote the corresponding research report, pointed out that the majority of respondents came from companies with 50 or fewer employees, and there’s a common misperception that small businesses don’t get targeted by cybercriminals. “Although most cyberwarfare attacks have much larger targets in mind, it is not beyond the realm of the possible that smaller targets are used as stepping stones to their ultimate goal,” Wallen said.

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Mobile devices were at the top of the list of security weak links. This is not surprising, given the widespread use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and wearable devices in the workplace. In a Tech Pro Research survey on mobile security earlier in 2016, 47% of respondents reported that almost all employees at their company used either company-provided or personal devices for work purposes. Respondents to that survey also reported inconsistent use of security measures like user authentication, data encryption and device management software.

This infographic contains other important points from the research:

The corresponding research report has analysis of the information presented in this infographic, plus data about how respondents mitigate security concerns, how many respondents have been victims of a cyberattack, and sentiments about the risk of doing business internationally. To find out more, download the full report: Cybersecurity Research 2016: Weak Links, Digital Forensics, and International Concerns. (Tech Pro Research membership required.)

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