ProtectYourBubble created the following infographic, which was based on a customer survey of over 4,000 people in the United States. The results show how the majority of smartphone incidents occur for men and women of varying age groups.

Personally, I think the stats make perfect sense, and I probably would have assumed the results before ever seeing this infographic. For example, it says that women are more apt to have their phones stolen, and men are more likely to lose their phones. You could make the argument that women often keep their phones in their purses or handbags, which is an easier target than stealing from guys, who typically carry their phones in their pockets.

Another stat says that women are more likely to damage their phones in a bathroom, and men are more prone to drop and damage their phones in the driveway or garage. This may seem a bit stereotypical, but don’t women, on average, spend more time in the bathroom than men do — and likewise with men in the garage? Interestingly, even though 41% of women in this survey damaged their phones in a bathroom, the men who responded were 57% more likely to drop their phone in a toilet!

The last section, which divided incidents by age group, was also pretty predictable. Younger folks aren’t as careful, so it makes sense that they received the highest percentage of damage. The oldest age group in this study was 35 to 44-yr-olds, and they were most likely to lose their phones. As a member of that age group, I can attest to having brief memory lapses — but I keep my phone in my pocket and spend as little time in the bathroom as possible.

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