Infographic: How to delegate responsibilities in your SMB

A new infographic from ScaleTime reveals to the secret to avoiding burnout as a small business owner: Delegation.

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When you own your own small business, you may find yourself doing the work of multiple people. However, not being able to unplug from your work could cause burnout.

A new infographic by Scaletime explains how to better delegate tasks and grow your small business by learning the "art and science" of delegation. By properly delegating tasks, an SMB owner can free himself or herself up to focus on the long-term vision of the company and take care of high-level tasks.

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Certain procedures in accounting, social media, data entry, and more can be delegated. With the right team, carefully considered assignments, and a codified culture, a company can greatly benefit from delegation.

Here's how to get started.

Image: Scaletime/NowSourcing

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