In modern times, virtual reality (VR) is a rapidly emerging technology, with tech giants like Facebook jumping into the game with its purchase of Oculus. But it isn’t an entirely new development, according to an new infographic from Frames Direct.

So, when are the origins of VR? The infographic begins in 1787 with panoramic paintings, which focused on making viewers then and now feel present in the scene. VR became increasingly digital in the 20th century, with the introduction of the View-Master Stereoscope and Sensorama. And 1960 saw the initial head-mounted display option with the Telesphere mask.

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Building on sci-fi-themed images, the graphic then focuses on sci-fi films and how they inspired today’s VR technology. For example, 1992’s “The Lawnmower Man” inspired a recent study on VR’s impact on depressed patients from UCL and ICREA-University of Barcelona. The results: VR can help with depression, increase compassion, and reduce self-criticism.

Check out the full infographic, including details on today’s VR world, below.