Infographic: Many companies lack skills to implement and support AI and machine learning

In a recent Tech Pro Research survey, respondents indicated that understanding of AI and machine learning was limited in their workplaces.

Although 42% of respondents to a Tech Pro Research survey said their company lacks the skills necessary to implement and support AI and machine learning, and only 28% said they had firsthand experience with the technology, 50% said their companies will adopt these within the next few years. Almost as many respondents said all the implementation and support work would be done in house when the time comes, and that their company is working to address AI and machine learning in the corporate security plan.

Among companies currently using, or planning to use AI or machine learning, the top uses were research and consumer analysis. Further down the list, those currently using AI or machine learning were more interested in uses like fraud detection and market analysis, while those still in the planning stages were interested in security monitoring and office automation.

For more data and analysis on corporate preparedness and uses for AI and machine learning, plus information on vendor selection, download the full report: AI and machine learning in the enterprise: Uses, organizational readiness and vendor choices. (Tech Pro Research membership required.)


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