Recent college graduates are serious about paying back their student loans. So serious, the majority would forgo a holiday gift of an iPhone X or investment in Bitcoin for an equal payment towards their loan, according to a survey from student loan marketplace LendEDU.

LendEDU asked 1,000 people repaying student loans if they would prefer a popular holiday gift or a loan payment of equal value. And, despite the hype surrounding tech trends, they wanted loan payments more.

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Despite increased popularity, two-thirds of respondents passed over Bitcoin for a loan payment. New Apple products fared worse: 73.1% wanted a payment over Apple Pods, and 70.9% went for the payment over an iPhone X. Around 29% went for the Amazon Echo Plus instead of a $150 gift to their loans.

The only gift that beat out loan help? Cash.

Check out the full infographic on the gifts below.