With more than one-third (36%) of US employees working in the gig economy, and one in four Brits holding a flexible side job along with their full time work, freelance work has gained momentum in recent years, even for employees with full time jobs. The standard side hustler adds an extra six to 15 hours of work onto their regular, traditional work week, according to an infographic from UK small business insurer Hiscox.

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The report surveyed 600 British side hustlers to determine the driving factors behind taking up second jobs. These professionals aren’t only taking up side gigs for extra money, but also as an avenue to pursue passion projects, the report found.

While the gig economy has proven to be popular with millennials, workers ages 35-44 are most inclined to work more than 16 extra hours a week on side projects—twice as likely as 16 to 24 year olds.

To learn more about the lifestyle of a side hustler, check out the infographic below:

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