A recent infographic on Statista shows the conversion rates of online shoppers across different devices, including PCs, tablets (iPad and Android), and smartphones (iPhone, Android, and Windows). According to the research results of Monetate, a provider of e-commerce solutions, smartphone users do more window shopping than making actual purchases. Here’s a snippet from the infographic:

Interestingly, smartphones account for more traffic than tablets do, but the conversion rate on tablets is three times higher than it is on smartphones. The data suggests that tablet users actually make purchases on their device while smartphone users browse products and check prices on the go but turn to bigger devices or actual brick-and-mortar stores to make the purchase.

Do you think these statistics are indicative of smartphone security concerns, or is it merely an issue of screen size? It will be interesting to see how these stats trend over the next few years, as smartphone technology evolves and there’s an increase in NFC-enabled mobile devices. Share your thoughts about smartphone shopping in the discussion thread below.