With spring in the air, so to speak, many professionals are starting to book travel plans for the season. Whether traveling to meet a client, attend a conference, or for both business and pleasure, spring is one of the most popular–and unpredictable–travel seasons, according to a Fundera report released Tuesday.

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The report analyzed the FAA’s list of US airports with the highest volume of traffic, ranking these airports using Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) airport performance data, Google Maps, and pricing information. Variables included the size of the airport, flight traffic, departure and arrival delays, airport lounges with Wi-Fi, proximity of the airport to downtown, and nearby hotel costs.

Based on these variables, the worst airport to travel through for business purposes is the Memphis International Airport (MEM). The airport supports only 14,699 annual flights, is 12 miles from downtown Memphis, and is host to only one airport lounge with Wi-Fi, according to the report.

Check out the full infographic below for the full list of the 10 best and worst US airports for business travelers in 2019: