The infographic below came across my desk yesterday and I thought it would be interesting to the TechRepublic audience. I know a lot of you love to hate on Microsoft Windows 8, some to the point of irrationality, but the operating system is very capable. I have not been able to find any major flaws in Windows 8, at least at the technical level, yet.

The only thing wrong with Windows 8 is that, unless you have a mobile or tablet device, you don’t really need it. While Windows 8 is an acceptable operating system for a desktop it is not really much different than Windows 7. Therefore, I don’t see many companies adopting Windows 8 on a grand scale anytime soon.

The exception

On the other hand, you have companies like the one that put this infographic together who are apparently adopting Windows lock, stock, and barrel. So much so, that they feel compelled to share what they consider the 11 top features of the operating system.

See if you agree with the assessment of Dot Com Infoway.