Only 29% of small business owners said they feel they have a very healthy work/life balance, according to a recent poll and infographic from OnePoll and GoDaddy.

The poll of 500 American small business owners revealed that 51% of these professionals report trouble switching off from work in their free time. SMB owners spend 17 full days per year worrying about their business outside of work hours, the poll found. Another 41% said they often get pulled away from their life outside of work to deal with business matters when trying to take a break.

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SMB owners are stressed for a number of reasons, the top ones being making enough money (54%), attracting customers (45%), and having enough time for everything they need to do (35%), the poll found. However, these professionals try to improve their work/life balance and decrease stress by taking vacations (56%) and scheduling time with family and friends (50%), among other tactics.

Here is the full infographic: