Augmented and virtual reality have been embraced by the gaming world, but can these technologies really be useful in business? Respondents to the latest Tech Pro Research survey think so. Potential uses mentioned include simulation exercises, employee training and testing, and computer modeling.

The large majority of respondents said they’ve had hands-on experience with AR and VR and consider themselves familiar with the technology. However, they also said that vendors of AR and VR products could be helpful by showing them specific apps that could help their business and showing them how to integrate the apps into their current technology base.

One thing to note: 14% of respondents said their company makes VR technology and 19% said their company makes VR, which may have skewed the results a bit, but we think this is a pretty good gauge of opinions overall.

Download the full report from Tech Pro Research, Virtual and augmented reality in the enterprise (membership required).

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