Infographic: Why customers change suppliers after a bad call center experience

Listening to customers can completely transform your bottom line, according to an infographic from CallMiner.

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Communication makes all the difference in the enterprise, especially when interacting with consumers. In fact, simply listening to your customers can completely alter your bottom line, according to a new infographic from CallMiner.

In 2018, 82% of customers said they would change suppliers following a bad call center experience; but 91% of customers said they would remain loyal to a supplier after a good call.

Respondents pointed to a few key reasons they switch:

  • A serious problem with service (32%)
  • Unfair treatment (28%)
  • Lack of timely responses (25%)

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The main way companies can retain customers is by making them feel valued. Customers said they would stay for a variety of reasons, between the call center staff simply knowing their service history (62%) and interacting with a more caring and polite staff (43%), the infographic noted.

For more information about how to improve customer experience, check the full infographic below:

Image: CallMiner

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