A WordPress site can make it easy for small businesses and tech professionals to create their own customized website or portfolio space, but requires maintenance to ensure it’s running smoothly.

To help your WordPress site reach its fullest potential, Bigrock Coupons compiled a checklist of 51 tips for routine maintenance. The tips could help your site stay relevant in SEO ratings and continue to work across various platforms, the company said.

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The list begins with some crucial tasks, including running a speed test and checking and repairing broken links. These can help your site run quickly for viewers, and also make sure it’s running fast enough to not get dropped in Google search results.

The infographic also provides lists of items you should update and delete on a regular basis, along with other ways to boost the site’s usability. View the full infographic below, and visit Bigrock Coupons’ site to see further details for each item on the list.