Infortrend announced its EonStor B12, the first enterprise class 2.5-inch array drives, which provide better performance and efficiency compared to their 3.5-inch counterparts.

An excerpt from InfoWorld:

The B12 comes equipped with two SAS (serial attached SCSI) or FC (Fibre Channel) host ports, which should appeal to both SAN and DAS customers. Competitively priced starting at less than $5,000 for SAS, the B12 can pack 12 actuators in just 1U — revolutionary, given that 3.5-inch drive systems would require twice as much space, if not more, to host the same number of drives. Except for a few blade systems, no other storage array packs so much power in so little space. The fact that the B12 drives produce less noise is gravy.

The disk arrays provide the advantages of considerable savings in power consumption and space.

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