Infosys, a global technology consulting firm, recently partnered with online learning platform Udacity to create a connected service that provides training for autonomous vehicles, and other services for B2B providers of autonomous vehicles.

TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson met with Infosys’ deputy COO Ravi Kumar to discuss how autonomous technology can help create new industries.

Autonomous technology is going to be an emerging technology of the future, Kumar said. So Infosys and Udacity came together and developed a plan to train 500 engineers on autonomous technologies, and teach them how to apply it to other industries.

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“These engineers don’t exist today,” he said. “So our endeavor with Udacity is to build those engineers from the ground up.” By using sensor fusion, C and Python programming, and internet of things (IoT), we’re bringing together these capabilities to build autonomous technology engineers, and we’re hoping that we can rapidly program with our clients’ industries to establish and embrace these technologies in those industries, he added.

Anyone who already has skills in sensor fusion, programming, and IoT can be repurposed, and trained in autonomous tech. Rather than telling people to go back to school to learn these technologies, Infosys believes in training engineers who already have some of the fundamental skills.

“We will go through a learning of classrooms, academics, and experiential learning–it’s a very intense intervention–and we will create a mechanism where these individuals will go through this process, and also have a set of life prototypes to work on,” Kumar said.

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