TechRepublic Senior Editor Mark Kaelin is the host for the Microsoft Windows blog, and he’s also well-known on the site for the Cracking Open series.

Learn about Mark’s geeky background, his history with TechRepublic, and how you can get involved in TechRepublic’s World of Warcraft guild, called Technologia (some links are listed below). Listen to the podcast.

Mark and Sonja go waaaaayyyy back. This picture was taken in 1999 when they worked together at a different company.

Technologia resources:

  • Elkwinkarma – guild leader – Mark Kaelin
  • Keres – Bill Detwiler
  • Bonky
  • Cervisa
  • Nixa
  • Inferious
  • Avandia
  • Dozark

Just send join the Duskwood server on the Horde side and send one of these names a whisper to get an invite into the guild. The entire guild is listed at these two sites:

Additional links: